Our mission and objectives

Mission statement

The CMN’s mission is to set up and run a framework of exchange and joint action with grassroots mangrove NGO and CBOs for sustainable management of mangrove forests within the context of integrated coastal area management.


Global objective

To conserve, manage and promote sustainable exploitation of mangrove and coastal resources in    order to meet local and national needs of the present and future generations.

Specific objectives

This includes to:

  1. i)Strengthen dialogue, cooperation and partnership between the different NGOs, Associations and CBOs involved in grassroots mangrove activities.
  2. ii)Build institutional and operational capacities (material, organisational, technical and financial) of the NGOs and CBOs (CIGs, Associations, OBs) in the mangrove sector for the accomplishment of their activities in Cameroon.
  3. iii)Sensitize and raise awareness of the populations of CMN members on all actions influencing mangroves.
  4. iv)Promote local, national regional and international networks on mangrove conservation.
  5. v)Strengthen the participation of local populations, groups and assemblies in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national programmes relative to the conservation and sustainable management of the mangrove ecosystem.
  6. vi)Undertake active lobbying and advocacy for the signature of important conventions and the influence of national policy and legislation on mangrove ecosystems.

Integrate gender and the minority groups in all the processes of conservation and sustainable management of the mangrove ecosystem.