Governance structure


CWCS has three supreme coordinating mechanisms: the general assembly, the board and field programs.


General Assembly  

The General Assembly provides the animation of the full members of the network and associated members of the CWCS. Is held once every 3-5 years and led by the responsible member of CWCS. It is convened at the initiative of the board and allow for exchange between incumbent members and associate members and associate member and the Board on some important topics of CWCS including radiation, operation and new directions of the organization.


The Board is a decision-making body of the CWCS making decisions and major strategic, political and functional orientations of CWCS and decisions. It is reserved to permanent members. Any time it may invite other members and partners of the CWCS depending on the subject to be discussed. The board is held at least once a year at the invitation of the Chairman, the President of the CWCS and the secretariat is provided by the Secretary General of the CWCS.

National Programme Committee

Operational body of the CWCS, responsible for translating the decisions of the Board in the development of concrete field programs and projects. Meets at least twice a year and is convened on the initiative of the National Coordinator and composed of extended members:

  • Chairman: National Coordinator
  • Secretary: Program Coordinators / project or nominated
  • The invited depending on the subject to be discussed (full members as resource persons, other resource persons, NGOs and other partners CWCS, etc.).

Field projects  & Programmes

Consist of program and project management team on the ground and the partners concerned